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In 1911, a young man named Winn Brown opened his first shoe store in Shendoah, Iowa. Now, three generations later, Brown’s Shoe Fit Company is still offering the same service and selection to shoe buying customers in California, South Dakota, Colorado, and Oregon. Our goal is to offer the latest in fashion and function from the finest shoe makers in the world. At Brown’s Sport Shoe in Durango, Colorado, you’ll see all the name brand shoes you know, plus many more.

All of our shoe stores guarantee a hometown feel, providing individualized customer service that you won’t find in large, typical chain stores. Each Brown’s Sport Shoe store is operated by a manager who is also a partner in their store. Partners and managers are active members of their communities – this relationship further strengthens Brown’s commitment to each community for meeting and exceeding local expectations for a shoe buying experience.

Brown’s Sport Shoe strives to continue this 100+ year tradition. Since 1983, Brown’s Sport Shoe has been proudly serving Durango and we look forward to a very bright future! For shoes suitable for sports, hiking, and leisure, stop into Brown’s and feel the difference.